A family history

The PION family’s involvement in the wine trade began in the post-war years (1949) with Uncle Maurice, a wine specialiste and an aficionado of fine dining. Undeniable attributes for the distribution of high quality bottled wines. This started a succession of passionate generations which strengthened ties with numerous estates and châteaux. This includes the Borie, Faller, de Villaine and Gouges families. This trust continues today, after several decades of collaboration. Olivier and Christian PION continued and reinforced this family adventure, with the same strong ties to the men and women who compose and express the story of wine.


The adventure continues to unfold…

In 2021, following Christian’s retirement, a new management team arrived with Théo PION, Arnaud CIMMATI, and Régis CIMMATI. A new episode begins for Maison Pion, whose ambition is to combine history, values and modernity.